BlinkBerry blinks the external LED backlight in different colors according to the signal strength returned from the phone. There are 6 possible signal strengths from 0 to 5. A signal strength of zero indicates no service.

    The default configuration of the status light has the signal strength colors arranged according to the following

    Signal Strength COLOR
    0 RED - No Service
    1 CYAN
    3 BLUE
    4 WHITE
    5 GREEN - Full Service

    The colors are customizable to include any combination of the following colors:

    • BLUE
    • CYAN
    • GREEN
    • RED
    • WHITE
    • YELLOW

      Screen Shots


    You can also set the blink duration, the blink period, and Fade.  Once suspended, Blinkberry runs in the background.  Now you can know your signal strength without taking your phone out of the holster.

    BlinkBerry's No Service Steady option is perfect for the road warrior.  The LED will stay on in the color selected for no service when No Service Steady is on.  With just a glance you will know whether or not you can make a call.

    There is a user configuration menu where many of the parameters can be customized for a look that is unique.

    As with other GreenTech programs, users that I have a valid email for will receive free updates. This is a work in progress, there are many features I would like to add, but due to the demand for the application I have released it with what I think is some really cool features.

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    Copyright 2005 -2008 by Michael A. Blake